Training & Organization Development

  • Development of vision mission and values
  • Organization structure design and deployment
  • Training and development strategy and framework
  • Commercial capability development
Talent Management

  • Talent acquisition strategy and framework (Psychometric assessment based methodology)
  • End to end recruitment
  • Complete reference check and degree verification services
  • New employee orientation pack including development of employee handbook
  • Talent development (Employee training and management development system design)
  • Career management
  • Design and development of high potential employees (HIPOs) and management trainee programs
Performance Management

  • Performance management system design and deployment
  • Coaching and training
Total Reward Management

  • Total Reward Management strategy and system development
  • Grade and salary structure design and development
  • Benefits policy development
  • Internal consistency – Job Evaluation (Hay and Mercer JE methodologies)
  • External consistency – advice on selection and use of compensation survey
  • Human Resource policy development (HR policy manual)
Human Resource Information Systems

  • Identification of right system suited to organizational needs
  • Advice on effective HR reporting mechanism
Employee Relations and Compliance

  • Advice on development of ER strategy
  • Company’s disciplinary policy and standard procedures
  • Employment laws compliance audit and advice
  • Advice on Occupational Health and Safety matters
HR Audit

  • Complete advice and support on quality system audits (HR component)
  • HR Audit, reporting and advice